Yoga Indra is a Yoga and art's house where you will find guides and teachers committed to the transmission of traditional Yoga teachings, that will accompany you to enjoy a nourishing and creative Yoga practice with joy and devotion for knowledge and development of your inner self. 

Our purpose is: “Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu”, “May all living beings be free and happy”


Intro Yoga

It is a class for those who want to initiate in Yoga practice with a specialised guide in building the physical and theoretical bases needed to build a safe and integral practice.


The classes where Hatha is practised are quiet classes where the focus of the attention is on good body alignment. The guide will share in detail each asana throughout the class, and this will allow you to deepen your breathing and enter into meditative states.

Hatha Raja

The practice of Hatha Raja is a very complete practice that embraces both the physical-energetic (Hatha Yoga), mental (Raja Yoga) and spiritual aspects, making the Yoga practice an experience of growth in the path of self-realisation.


The Vinyasa term stands for “the union between breath and movement”.
It is a very modern Yoga style which invites you to flow in a meditation in a physical and spiritual movement, ideal for toning your body, gaining flexibility and deepening in a dynamic, fun and original way in Yoga discipline.

Alignment Vinyasa

It is a practice that combines the art of chaining asanas, fusing breathing and movement rhythmically, and specific moments throughout the yoga practice where we take time to align each part of the body within the asana to avoid injuries and receive great benefits. of entering the “asana” state.


Dharma is a Yoga modern style transmitted and created by Dharma Mittra which emphasises the opening of the fourth chakra (in the chest), which allows you to release tensions, emotions, open your heart and strengthen it, hence its devotional character. The practice begins with a meditation followed by pranayama or breathing exercises to work on the mental and spiritual part. Among its characteristics are the starting sequence with Shiva Namaskar, the practice of inverted asanas in the middle of the practice, its creativity and fluid rhythm with a fixed structure of postures in rhythm with the breath.


Ashtanga is a Yoga style popularised by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois in which the combination between movement, breath and gaze restores the body's well-being and stability, the nervous system and mind, establishing the foundation for spontaneous meditation states promoting clarity, devotion and self-study helping us to choose ourselves as more stable, centred and free individuals.


Restorative Yoga is a Yoga style that offers you a deep relaxation by renewing body and mind.
It is characterised by its ability to adapt to all sorts of people, of all ages, levels of practice and body injuries. It is performed through gentle postures that are held for several minutes with the help of accessories (bolsters, blocks, blankets and tapes) that allow you to stand in a comfortable and sustained posture, helping to completely regenerate the system with minimal effort.

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Energetic and meditative yoga style that balances the nervous system and is a great facilitator in personal growth due to its great impact on brain structure.
It is practiced with your eyes closed and uses different tools such as pranaiamas, mudras, mantras, simple asanas, all to facilitate bringing you to a state of inner silence to be able to observe your mind: tendencies of thoughts and emotions, behavioral habits, beliefs, limiting thoughts. . It is a yoga that provides tools to know how to live life from peace and harmony.


Aeroyoga is a method that fuses yoga, dance, pilates and aerial arts with the use of a hammock that acts as a swing supporting the hips for forward and backward bends. This style allows you to stretch and strengthen the muscles while respecting the joints and avoiding compression of the vertebrae. The first principle is trust and from here on in practice an experience out of the ordinary and the state of the presence of the being in the here and now.


“So Hum, Ham Sa”

“Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu”



Aldana Abele

I have been a Yoga practitioner since the year 2000. Later on, when I discovered the effects of conscious breathing, my practice changed completely. The breathing techniques to calm my thoughts, gain self-confidence and connect with my intuition and creativity, make Yoga a part of my daily life, beyond the mat.

This ancestral system that greatly improved the asthma that has accompanied since my childhood, my desire to share the benefits and the values of Yoga philosophy motivated myself to be formed as a Hatha Vinyasa teacher in Yoga Studio Barcelona, in therapeutic Yoga and prenatal Yoga in Almazen.

My career as a social integrator has allowed me to teach classes for groups of people at risk of social exclusion, people in active drug use and in detoxification treatment.

In 2019, I participated as co-author of the book Free Brain, giving my vision on Yoga related to creativity.

In my classes I combine the traditional method of Hatha Yoga with current techniques, to generate a space where the body seeks its genuine expression, going through postures and deep breathing, leaving a feeling of flexibility, clarity and relaxation. My goal is to provide tools for people to better understand their physique and move towards their optimal integral health state.

I currently teach classes of Hatha Vinyasa Yoga, adapted classes for adults, meditation and breathing workshops in different spaces in Barcelona, and also private classes.

Deryck Morales

I took my first Yoga class when I was 21 years old in Caracas, Venezuela. Fortunately I came across this practice quite young thanks to my first boss as a graphic designer, who nowadays is one of my greatest friends and to whom I will always be grateful for the invitation to what would become my vocation, passion, direction and clarity in my life.

Since then, I have been a practitioner for 22 years and a teacher for 10 years. I started practising Ashtanga and after a few years of practice I discovered Rocket Yoga and Vinyasa practice.

After suffering an injury that kept me immobilized for a year, I discovered Iyengar Yoga, which was a life saviour, that once again, Yoga, offered me to find health and complete recovery from such injury.

When I moved to Barcelona, I started practising Sivananda Yoga, which nurtured the existent spiritual and devoting aspect of my practice. That is why since my beginnings as teacher, my classes vary between these Yoga styles, always with a dynamic foundation, understanding that joint mobility is essential for the body health but that you have to take care of alignment and correct action according to each person’s anatomy in order to contribute to health and avoid injuries, always bearing in mind that Yoga practice is an ancient philosophy that goes far beyond a gymnastic or physical practice, and whose purpose is to connect with our true essence that lies dormant deep within each of us, waiting to be discovered.

Thus, in my classes I try to be a guide, rigorous in the execution with our work tools which are the body and breath, in order to bring you a little closer in each practice to that primordial essence in the deepest part of us.

Silvia Lezcano

She is an artist and Yoga and dance teacher committed to transmitting the traditional Yoga teachings that she has received from her teachers.


Sílvia has a multidisciplinary background. She has felt the need and concern to learn different disciplines, approaches and Yoga styles in order to be able to adapt Yoga to the varied necessities of her students.

Her first approach to Yoga was through Indra Devi in Argentina. Sílvia has learnt Sivananda from Daniela Ardalla in Argentina and Xavier Sola and Pilar Ruberte in Barcelona, Ashtanga from Fernando Calviño in Argentina and Sri Pathabbis Jois in India, as well as Dharma Yoga from Sri Dharma Mittra. She is a devoted follower of Kriya Yoga and of the great avatar Babaji Nagraj, and she is committed to transmitting his teachings. She has made several trips to India in order to deepen and enjoy her experience in the art of Yoga.


Born in Resistencia Chaco, she began journey at the age of 5 with a solid and strong artistic formation that transforms her into a versatile teacher and artist, very committed into the transmission of the teachings learnt by her teachers and guides through art and science where Dance, Yoga and Tango are combined to transmit her teachings. Travelling from a very young age to Latin America, Europe and Asia, dancing and teaching, she builds herself through a very valuable and deep professional experience that makes her stand out.

In her path, Sílvia, is made from 43 years of professional stage experience and 30 years of teaching experience. Her art, through stage and teaching, has toured events and institutions of international prestige.

She currently resides in Barcelona where she teaches Yoga and her art, she continues dancing in Paris and Barcelona with distinguished artists from the scene, and her committed transmission of Yoga has made her work speak for itself being a respected and beloved guide in the scene for her generosity and creativity inspiring hearts and turning the Yoga practice into a great spiritual party where hearts surrender to The Grace.

Montse Muñoz

For more than 10 years I have been taking Kundalini yoga courses, a discipline that I am passionate about because of the great benefits it has in the area of personal growth and that I have personally verified. In addition to being a teacher of this yoga discipline, I have a diploma as a Physical Education teacher, Professional Sports Center Monitor Module (TAFAD), pilates teacher, hatha yoga and restorative yoga teacher and, as a result of my career in the world of Kundalini and personal growth, I have training in the neuroscience of meditation and a Master's degree in Emotional Intelligence.

I started practicing Kundalini yoga because, despite being a person who took care of myself both nutritionally and physically, I started to get sick. I have always been a very nervous and high-energy person who thought that physically tiring myself by going for a run or playing sports was enough to release my excess energy, but my mind continued non-stop and suffered emotionally.

With Kundalini Yoga I began to balance my nervous system, which helped me begin to feel calm inside and see life from another perspective and, above all, to know myself much better. You can't change what you don't know you have.

Kundalini yoga has become my passion and life path, leaving stable jobs and the city, to dedicate myself to teaching this discipline where I have managed to unite and understand the scientific part (neuroscience, psychology and emotional intelligence) with the energetic and spiritual part, which It allows you to feel and know how to direct energy (thoughts and emotions) in an adaptive and constructive way, giving more meaning to what this discipline provides.




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