Departament Social


The Social Department was born in 2006 in order to answer to the social needs of our surroundings, so all those groups, institutions, associations and services with vulnerable people can use sport as a tool for integration and quality of life. It helps almost 3,000 people every year.

Its general functions are to organize, manage and coordinate all educational actions, projects and complementary activities related to social issues. In addition, they collaborate with the neighborhood in social media, using platforms and committees that design new educational proposals that seek to increase social inclusion through sports.

With your CEM Can Ricart membership, you are collaborating with all our charity projects, which address the social needs of our territory. 15% of your fee is earmarked for these projects.

It arises from the need to reinforce the educational project of social and educational organizations through sport and physical activity, coordinating to further social transformation in these children and young people. This program contemplates the implementation of three projects and services to work with 450 children and young people.

The Ciutat Vella district is one of the districts in Barcelona with the highest percentage of people at risk of social exclusion. The number of homeless people and drug addicts is comparatively very high.

Different organizations are planning actions to recover healthy habits, skills and interests in these collectives, and we want to lend a hand with collective sports programs and body and mind activities.

With this program, we want to make the access to sports easier for this collective, normalizing and promoting physical activities in a sports center, as well as personal autonomy, according to the needs of each individual, not only with physical goals, but also with social and inclusion aspects.

Sports practice research shows that these activities are less common among women. If we add factors such as low wages, family care, level of studies or religious and cultural aspects, sports practice is virtually non-existent for this collective.

This action program includes 4 projects: women newcomers, sexual workers, women in very vulnerable situations and female empowerment for women of different religions.

With this program we want to promote sports in this age range, and raise awareness about the benefits that sports can provide. We want to decrease inactivity in our population, so we work with different organizations in the district.

We want to promote projects in which the users and organizations are the protagonists: exchanges of information, knowledge, products, projects or services. These actions try to revitalize and encourage cultural dynamics and relationships in our environment. The objective is to help the organizations and groups of our surroundings to tell companies what they need and how they need it.

We work to help vertebrate our territory and to raise awareness about the benefits of practicing sports regularly. In this way, to complement all the aforementioned action programs, we will organize different events and complementary actions with other departments of sports equipment, such as the solidary indoor triathlon, the Raval race, sports and values days, free use of spaces for events and exhibitions, etc.


  • Casal dels Infants per l’acció social al barri
  • Casal Obert Joan Salvador Gavina
  • Fundació Social del Raval
  • AEIRaval
  • Casal Infantil Drassanes
  • Centre Compartir Gabella
  • Projecte Home
  • Fundació Arrels
  • CECAS (centre català de solidaritat)
  • Centre de dia Mil•lenari
  • Sportsalus
  • Braval
  • Terral
  • Fundació Artesa
  • Fundació Sant Jordi
  • Centre Ocupacional SINIA
  • Fundació Idea
  • Franja Raval
  • Fundació Mercè Fontanilles


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