Zona SPA


What we call the SPA area features different ways of using water to obtain the maximum benefits for our body: water in gaseous state in our wet sauna, liquid water at different temperatures in each of our shower and solid water in our ice fountain. Combined and in order in our hydrothermal circuit, they are a pleasure for our senses.

Vertical water stream that falls on your body.

Vertical and horizontal water jets change temperature focused on your body.

Soft hot-and-cold water spray from numerous heads that affect your entire body.

A corridor with horizontal jets to walk over stones.

A sauna at 50 ºC with relative humidity close to 100%.

A shower of aromatic scents to soften the skin. Depending on the type of essential oils added to the water, it can have relaxing, soothing, sedative or anti-stress properties.

It consists of:

  • cold water
  • relaxing scent
  • circulatory scent

Ergonomic lounger at a 85º angle and 45 ºC.

Ergonomic lounger with infrared lamps.

A sauna with two horizontal benches separating two heat sensitivity levels at 80 ºC.


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