The date is set, the organisation to which our efforts will be dedicated has been decided, anticipation before the big day is high, and, above all, our tenth annual event is set to go. Yes, that’s not a misprint, this year marks the tenth annual indoor communal triathlon, and to commemorate, we want this year’s event to be extra special.

Every year we do our best to make this event even bigger, so more people can enjoy a special and alternative occasion, and so the donation and effort of all involved goes to help more people in need. But, above all, we do our best to make sure that the indoor communal triathlon doesn’t lose its essence, the essence that makes it accessible to everyone, that ensures that participants feel cared for, on a day when every drop of sweat takes on a communal significance, and on which the goal is to combine sport, health, fun, passions and solidarity. We are very proud of the messages you send us every year telling us about your experiences, how much you enjoyed it, how well we cared for you, and that you are happy with our sports package. These messages, and the desire to help those most in need, provide us with the extra motivation to keep making our communal triathlon a little better year on year.

The tenth solidarity indoor triathlon will be held on Saturday, May 12, and soon we will give you information both of the entity for which we will raise funds, and of the social project for which the donation that we will make with the effort and dedication will go of all.

Since every year we suggest to you that you don’t miss out on this event, this year we’re jumping the gun in order to advise you that if you decide not to come along you’ll be missing a great spectacle. Moreover, so that the difficulty of the trial is no excuse for not participating, this year we’re offering a bespoke training program free of charge in preparation for the communal triathlon. At Can Ricart there are various weekly training sessions at dedicated times, geared towards specific physical preparation for a triathlon of the kind held at our sports centre. Our objective is therefore to see you there on the day of the triathlon in the kind of shape that will allow to enjoy the trial as you’ve never done before.

Whether you’re a participant, volunteer, supporter, or simply give your best each year to make the event a success, we encourage you to participate once again. Enrolments start at the beginning of April 2018, so that you don’t miss out on prior training, and come to enjoy the indoor communal triathlon.