In the multisports campus of CEM Can Ricart, participants will have the opportunity to improve their athletic abilities, enjoy physical and sportive activities and learn about the importance of teamwork and healthy life. Specific activities will vary depending on the sport type and the campus program, but some of the common activities that will be done in our sportive campus will include:

Sportive practice:

Participants will have training sessions and specific practices of their sport, supervised by professional trainers or experts in the specific sport. These trainings will include physical conditioning exercises, development of technical and tactical abilities and game practices.

Competitions and tournaments:

Friendly competitions and tournaments will be organized in order to put into practice the participant’s abilities in a competitive and friendly environment. This will include matches, games, running competitions and other sportive activities.

Recreational activities:

Besides principal sportive activities, our campus offers recreational activities to promote fun and company. This includes outdoor recreational games, water activities, excursions, etc.

Talks and workshops:

We offer talks and workshops about nutrition, lesion prevention, values and emotional education and other important themes surrounding sport and healthy life. Those talks and workshops will be led by our staff, sport professionals or experts in related themes.

Social and integration activities:

Our campus organizes social and integration activities in order to promote company and teamwork between participants. This can include activities such as cooperative games, group challenges, treasure findings, etc…

Exploration of different sports:

One of the advantages of a multisports campus is the opportunity to experiment and practice different sports. Participants will have the opportunity to try sports they never practised before, which allows them to increase their sport horizon and discover new passions.