In a futsal campus, a variety of activities are done related to this sport. Some of the activities that will be done in futsal campus are:

Technical trainings:

Participants will have the opportunity to improve their specific futsal technical abilities such as ball control, passes and feints. Training will be led by specialized futsal trainers and will be adapted to the participant's ability level.

Tactics and strategies:

Specific futsal tactics and strategies will be taught and practised, such as zonal defence, high pressure, position game or stop ball plays. This will help participants to understand the game better and develop tactical abilities in a controlled environment.

Matches and competitions:

The futsal campus includes matches and competitions between participants to put into practice the skills learned and foster competitiveness from an educational perspective. It can include friendly matches, intramural tournaments, leagues or even matches against other teams or campuses.

Physical conditioning:

Futsal is a fast and dynamic sport that requires a good physical state. For that reason, physical conditioning activities are included, such as resistance, velocity, agility and strength in order to improve participant’s physical conditioning and prepare them for the game.

Technical talks:

We count with trainers and professional players that offer technical talks to share their futsal knowledge and experiences. This allows participants to learn from sports experts and obtain practical advice to improve their game.

Recreational activities:

Despite specific futsal activities, recreational activities are also included such as team games, ability competitions, water activities and other social and entertaining activities to promote social interaction and fun among the participants.