Taking care of our diet is synonymous with a healthy life. The food we eat determines our body composition, affects our vital functions and protects us from many diseases. Caring for our diet is basic when we talk about health, so we are committed to nutrition services that adapt to the needs and preferences of every individual.


We propose a personal nutrition service adapted to your preferences and needs. We work with two separate nutritional lines.

Nutrition: A service aimed at the most common objectives, such as learning how to eat in a healthy way, losing weight, gaining muscle mass, improving sports performance, medical tests, postoperative care periods, etc.

Diet therapy: A service aimed at the understanding and knowledge of food and its therapeutic potential. This is ideal for people who suffer from immune system diseases (rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, myositis...), metabolic disorders or hormone imbalances. A correct diet can reduce the symptoms of these diseases and ailments, and improve the quality of life of the patients. Unlike the nutrition service, we do not create diets. We simply add or restrict certain food items and consumption methods.

We offer you nutritional therapy to learn to eat better, take care of your health and achieve your personal goals. Our certified nutritionists specialized in sports and diet therapy. We advise you professionally to improve health problems, overweight and / or improve your athletic performance or muscle tone.

Put yourself in the hands of a health and sports professional to gain in well-being, feel better and stronger!

Nutritional Study and Delivery Nutritional Plan: 60.00 euros.

  • Visit follow-up (30minutes): 35.00 €
  • Pack 5 visits: 153.00 €
  • Pack 10 visits: 272.00 €
  • Pack 15 visits: 382.50 €


  • Preventing diseases resulting from poor diet
  • Maintaining a healthy bone and muscle balance
  • Improving sports performance
  • Improving self-esteem
  • More visible sports results
  • Improving the symptoms of many diseases
  • Increasing energy and vitality


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