Our beauty service offers a wide range of option, including relaxing and therapeutic treatments, in addition to purely aesthetic services. This service coordinates with the physiotherapy and diet therapy sections and the personal trainers in order to optimize results. Moreover, all our treatments use different equipment depending on what they intend to treat (ultrasonic peeling / virtual mesotherapy / diamond point microdermabrasion / dermomasage).

Tractaments Facials


Deep Facial Cleansing: This is the first essential step to keep a healthy skin (without impurities), for all types of skin. We do not only purify it, but also regenerate and hydrate it with Aqua Vitaly, by homeopathic products Dr. Hauschka.

Express Facial Cleansing: Maintenance for the Deep Facial Cleansing, without extraction.

Aqua Vital: Deep hydration treatment for any skin type, in a single session: cleanses, hydrates and oxygenates, and provides extra nutrition to drier skins.

Harmonie: Intensive treatment for sensitive or sensitized skins. Repairs, regenerates, improves microcirculation and reinforces natural defenses.

Dermo-corrective: A treatment for oily skins and acne.
- It eliminates the bacteria responsible for acne and prevents damage.
- Slows fat production and refines the skin.
- Regenerates previous marks accelerating the healing process of the skin.

Stem C3: Treatment with plant stem cells.
- Delays aging due to oxidative stress (caused by time, the sun, tobacco, poor diets, stress...).
- Illuminates the skin and levels facial tone, clearing stains.
- Prevents and treats wrinkling.

Chronological DNA: Anti-age treatment.
- Repairs cell damage for a correct regeneration of the skin.
- Treats wrinkles and models the oval of the face.
- Prevents stains.

Other services:

  • Eyelash color and perm.
  • Manicure and pedicure.
Tractaments Corporals


Body peeling + hydration: Exfoliation with apricot touches to help remove dead cells, refining and smoothing the skin’s texture to favor hydration with a relaxing massage.

Relaxing massage: Combination of continued steps to reach a relaxed physical and mental state.

Chiromassage: It consists in alleviating muscle and joint pain, releasing physical and mental tension, as well as cramps and blocks, integrating several types of massage.

Anti-cellulite massage: Massage using hands and devices (dermosuction) on the area affected by cellulite, in order to activate blood and lymphatic circulation, improving the local functions of skin tissue and increasing the dissolution of fat nodules.

Anti-cellulite, reducing, and draining massage: This treatment is based on the combination of these three techniques to enhance its effect. It includes a peeling, in order to prepare the skin, then a seaweed wrapping, manual lymphatic drainage, and reducing massage, reaffirmed with dermosuction.

Drainage: Soft manual therapy that affects the lymphatic system. It is done with specific products to maximize results. It favors the elimination of liquids and toxins from our body, decreasing volume and improving blood circulation. Very adequate for pregnant women, people with circulatory problems and against fluid retention (cellulite).

Foot reflexology: Manual therapy based on the stimulation of reflex areas on our feet that represent every organ in our body. We remove toxins, stimulate our body’s energy and prevent future imbalances.

Aloe vera waxing







The CEM Can Ricart and CEM Colom subscribers will have a -10% discount on all services.

Discounts not cumulative. 30% of the service will be charged if it is not canceled 24 hours in advance.


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